Research Projects

Research Projects

This section focuses on the research projects undertaken by Institute of Health and Sports Science & Medicine, Juntendo University as well as collaborative research projects in which it is involved. This section introduces the content of each project.


Health-Support Project

This research project supports the prevention and improvement of various disease states arising from physical inactivity, nutrition problems, and aging. This includes lifestyle-related diseases (diabetes,hypertension, dyslipidemia, etc.), sarcopenia (age-related muscle weakness), and dementia. We aim to elucidate the pathogenesis of each condition, explore the mechanisms (scientific rationale) for the preventative and ameliorative effects of exercise, among other interventions, and develop more appropriate exercise programs. Ongoing research topics are as follows:

  • ■Comprehensive study aimed at elucidating the mechanism of autonomic cardiovascular regulation, focusing on exercise and stress
  • ■A study on the mechanism of exercise’s prevention of Alzheimer's Disease development
  • ■A study on the effects of nutritional instructions and high-intensity interval training in the maintenance phase of cardiac rehabilitation
  • ■Research on elucidating the mechanism of sarcopenia, locomotion issues, and frailty, and the development of novel prevention methods based on these models
  • ■A cohort study of older adults, on the development of an exercise support system
  • ■Research on elucidating genetic factors associated with lifestyle-related diseases and longevity and the creation of biomarkers that define exercise effects


High Performance Project

This is a study project supporting athletes (including athletes with disabilities) in improving their competitive performance through research in various fields belonging to the science of sports, including sport biomechanics, exercise physiology, sports psychology, sports medicine, physical fitness training, and coaching science. With the application of state-of-the-art science and technology in each field, we aim to develop training methods and coaching methods to improve competitive performance more accurately and more efficiently, by accumulating basic and applied research. Ongoing study topics are as follows:

  • ■Study on factors that determine the body composition of athletes
  • ■A study on conditioning and rehabilitation for the prevention of sports injuries and disabilities
  • ■A study on standardization of conditioning management and competitive performance assessment of ball-athletes
  • ■A study on the utility of annual conditioning assessment in male, collegiate, long-distance runners.
  • ■A study on the mechanisms and performance of running
  • ■A study on the selection of appropriate species, prevention of sports injuries, training, and developing of a framework for nutrient intake, using genetic information of athletes
  • ■A study on the search for biomarkers supporting athletes' mental health and performance
  • ■A study on sports performance sensing
  • ■Studies on elucidating the mechanisms of central fatigue during high-intensity exercise
  • ■A study on brain structure and function in top athletes


Pediatric Development Support Project

This research project supports children’s physical and mental health and healthy development. The physical fitness and athletic capacity of Japanese children peaked at around 1985 and is now known to be lower than that time. In addition, the problem is that some children are unable to acquire basic motor movements. Therefore, it is essential to support the development of exercise habits, including playing outside, from early childhood. Children’s muscular strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, and coordination (e.g., dexterity and agility) are also at a remarkable stage of development. Taking these characteristics into account, we will develop and implement physiological and epidemiological studies to develop and implement more appropriate exercise guidance for infants, school-aged children, and adolescents. Ongoing research topics are as follows:

  • ■Research on elucidating the environmental factors that promote the development of children
  • ■Research on elucidating the neural bases involved in children's social development
  • ■Research on factors that determine skeletal muscle size in children


The Juntendo Fitness Plus Study: J-Fit+Study

In our university, various records pertaining to physical attributes and physical strength have been accumulated for approximately 50 years, and data regarding more than 10,000 alumni and current students have been collected. We consider it our social mission to utilize this data to conduct research studies across a wide range of fields related to health and sports sciences; in this spirit, we have launched the “Juntendo Fitness Plus Study,” or alternatively, “J-Fit+ Study.” The “+” in “J-Fit+” means that more data will be added in the future and that more research studies will be developed by making use of ideas from researchers inside and outside our university. We hope that this research will contribute to society through the promotion of health and sports science research.